DIY Bottle Cap Mount for Action Cameras

The GoPro is one of the best investment my girlfriend and I made since we love travelling to new places especially beaches. Of course when you paid a hefty amount for something, you would want to protect it from getting lost. The thought of losing my GoPro in the deep blue ocean makes me cringe so I decided to make my own GoPro bobber using a soda bottle. The great thing about this mount is that you can take it everywhere because it’s so small! All you have to do is buy a bottled drink and you’re good to go 🙂



  • bottle cap
  • 1/4 ” bolt
  • Faucet washer (optional)
  • Epoxy Steel
  • Tripod mount


  • power drill
  • hacksaw

Here are the steps:

Drill a hole in the bottle cap


Trim the bolt to match the tripod


Place the washer and insert the bolt in the underside of the bottle cap

12986450_10209180440128372_838774065_o (1)

Secure the the bolt with epoxy steel to prevent it from turning when you tighten the tripod mount.


Make sure the epoxy steel hardens first before you screw on the tripod mount.

There you go! You can take this little thing everywhere you go. The question is would your GoPro float?


DIY Headstrap mount for Action Cameras


It’s another lazy weekend so I’ve decided to make the best out of it and be productive. Sometimes out of boredom comes great ideas! I’ve always wanted to buy a GoPro head strap but I find to expensive so I decided to make my own one instead using a broken head lamp and an adhesive mount that came with my GoPro.

Here are the things that you’ll need.



  • headlamp – I found this broken headlamp lying around at home but you can buy one in bangketas/tiangge for about P100 -P150. It comes with a headstrap to that you’ll be using for this project.
  • flat/curve adhesive mount – comes with the GoPro or buy it online.
  • quick release J buckle – again, this comes with the GoPro.


  • Screwdriver

Here are the steps:

  1. Remove the back plate of the headlamp using a screwdriver. It should look something like this once you remove it. If you’re up for it and you have power tools, you can grind down the bits that stick out from the plate. As for me, I rubbed it on a rough flat surface. The floor in our garage to be exact. xD



2. Attach the curve mount on the front side of the plate.IMG_4205

3. Secure the J buckle to the curve mount and install the straps that came with the headlamp. It should look something like this.

There you go! With just 3 easy steps and some broken materials lying around, you can make your own professional looking but cost saving DIY headstrap!


DIY Jaw Mount for Action Cameras

     Jaw/clamp mounts are one of the most versatile and flexible mount you can have in your arsenal of GoPro accessories. However, it’ll cost you a pretty penny to buy one of them bad boys. Having said that, I decided to make one myself and I have to say I’m quite pleased with the result considering it only cost me a fraction of the amount of an original one (which cost around 800 PHP).
Tools and Materials needed:
Bolt (1/4″) that fits GoPro tripod mount –
 Nut (1/4″) that fit bolt –
tripod mount – 40 PHP
Jaw Clamp – 199 PHP at the DIY store. You might find it cheaper in your local hardware.
Steps in making your very own Jaw Mount
1. Drill a hole at the end of the clamp handle. You can also drill on the actual jaw but I chose to drill the handle for more flexibility. Make sure the hole is not too small nor too big. You want the bolt to fit tightly in that hole ;).
2. Insert the bolt in the hole and secure it with the nut.
3. Fasten the tripod mount to the bolt.
There you go, in 3 easy steps you have your own jaw mount. Watch the video below to find out more.

 Confessions of a Travel Addict
     I graduated university with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology last April 2013. During college, I was exposed to people that are suffering from bipolar disorder down to psychosis and schizophrenia. I know, its weird how a person like me is suffering from my kind of addiction. Believe me, I have tried to escape from this addiction but it is so powerful that it is eating my very inner being. Do not condemn me. You, yourself might be suffering from this addiction too. Let me site to you the symptoms of this contagious disorder.

1. You can not stop your hallucinations of nature.

     It may be in your sleep, you dream of being in the mountains screaming at the top of your lungs. It can even attack you even during your work hours. In just a snap, you might find yourself in a summer wonderland basking in the sun laughing with your friends. You are not safe, it can attack you anywhere and and anytime.



In lieu of #teamharthart’s first anniversary, we are giving away P1000 to the winner of Share Your Happiness photo contest!
The time has come. Congratulations to Ms. Luke Belmonte!
Wouldn't you feel so great when you get your summer tan at your happy place? We do! - Luke Belmonte, Cebu 2014.
Wouldn’t you feel so great when you get your summer tan at your happy place? We do! – Luke Belmonte, Cebu 2014.
Here are the other entries! Thank you you everyone for submitting your photos! May the travel bug never leave you 😉

Backpacking Tips | More Travel More fun
I always tell my friends to travel as much as they can. It will be a shame if you will just stay put in one place. Leave your cubicle, man cave, dwelling place or whatever you want to call it. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone! Travelling can get expensive but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re a newbie at backpacking or not, these tips will surely help you get the best out of your journey.
Let’s start with the gears that you’ll need.
1. Tent
Buy one, rent one or borrow it from someone. Tents are your home away from home. This will shelter you from the elements (and keep you away from other creatures). Tents can be pretty cheap nowadays but I urge you to invest in a good quality one. Trust me, you don’t want to be spending the night in a tent filled with water or creepy crawlies!

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