4 Countries, 7 Days, 1 Team! | #theheliopathsXindochina

          The Heliopaths have been travelling in the Philippines together for quite some time now. Individually, each member of the team has travelled to other countries but we never imagined that we would be travelling out of the country as a group. Everyone was just so excited!
        Thanks to Cebu Pacific’s Piso sale, we were able to book our Thailand to Manila flight for just PHP 1,721.77 each. What a score! It’s quite odd that we booked the flight back to Manila first but since the opportunity to book cheap flights presented itself, we gladly took it. 2 months after, we were able to book our Manila to Vietnam flight. It costed PHP 1,931. Thank God for seat sales! We purposely made the entry and exit point different to allow us to travel to 4 different countries in a week.
            There were 11 of us in the group hence extensive planning was needed especially since this was an out of the country trip. Tin, Cath, and Louie did a fantastic job in creating the “paguran” but totally worth it itinerary. If you and your friends find it hard to organize your trips, our best practices might help you in arranging your dream vacation. To make our trip less stressful, we assigned different members of the team for each country that we would visit. The POCs’ tasks ranged from waking up the other members of the team, to communicating with the locals, and ensuring that the itinerary is followed.
         We arrived at the airport at around 2PM. Big thanks to our bosses for being so understanding and allowing us to leave the office earlier than usual to avoid missing our flight. As you all know, re-booking a flight can cost you an arm and a leg so make sure that you are at the airport at least 3-4 hours before your international flight.
Below are some tips if this is your first time travelling out of the country:
  • Pay your travel tax (PHP 1,650.00) online or over the phone, it will save you time from long queues at the airport.
  • Check in via the airline’s website, this way you can avail the special lane for those who have already checked in online.
  • Have a pen with you at all times. When entering or exiting a country, one is required to fill out an entry and departure card respectively.
  • Have a hard copy of your itinerary and hotel bookings. Some immigration officer will not allow you to use your phone. Though saving your itinerary in your phone is acceptable, but I believe it’s better if you have a hard copy on hand. Make sure that all of the members of the team have copies.
  • Be at the airport at least 4 hours before your flight for international flights. Allow enough leeway for travel tax payment, baggage check/boarding pass printing, and immigration check
  • At the immigration booth, just relax and don’t get nervous. Be prepared to be ask a few questions like “What is your job?” “How long have you been in your current job” and “Where will you be staying?”. Have a copy of your employment certificate or company ID just in case.
I hope our blog posts help you achieve your #barkada goals! Click on the links below for the itineraries for each country:
You can also book your accomodations via airbnb.

Sign up with my link and you’ll get ₱1,100 off your first trip. https://abnb.me/e/D9HbB59PvL

Check out our Indochina 2018 vlog below!



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  1. Hi! Gusto ko sana to kaso di po ako marunong sa mga steps.. I hope you can help me.. Thanks and God bless..

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