Tales of Aswangs and Being Cooked Alive| Antique

*This is part 2 of The Heliopaths 3rd Anniversary Trip to Visayas*

A day has passed since we headed towards the Visayas region, reaching 3 provinces already, we planned to go straight towards the famous KAWA inn at Tibiao, Antique however, being very superstitious( said he smelled the aswang’s assistant lol ), our driver decided not to drive us through the mountains and suggested we spend the night at Mama Mia’s, which was fairly near where we were supposed to go. It was okay since they only charged us per room and not per person. It was Php 500.00 per room good for 4 to 5 people compared to our itinerary’s which was 250 per head (BTW prepare to get spooked as antique is known to be the island of sorcery and witchcraft says our good [somehow paranoid] friend Ivan. Hihi).

Night turned into daylight and we set foot on the next destination. We headed out around 7am to get ourselves cooked (LOL) at the famous KAWA hot bath. We rode a trike to crossings, the mountain base where the resort was located, and from there, took habal-habal which was 140 per ride (a ride can fit two, depending on how big you guys are, hehe), going to the inn then back to crossings. We had some problems with the ride due to some misunderstanding (one of the many MIS-U’s for this trip hehe), because of the language barrier. During times like this, the best thing to do is seek the help of locals who understand tagalog. We were aided by a local who had a relative in the barangay (sumbong kay bongang bongang bongbong! :D).

Overall, It was still a pleasant experience, recommendable for those people who enjoy leisure and relaxation. It takes a while to get the bath ready though, so we took a dip at the river just below the resort and braved the currents which was mildly strong.

After an hour of relaxing and a bit of crunch time we decided to skip our trip to tibiao falls and head back to Mama Mia’s to check out and head on to our next destination; Mararison Island in Culasi Antique.

It was just another tricycle ride to the port which cost us 20php per head. The boat ride was 150 php per head which was already two-way, from the port to the island. The waters were very clear heading to the island and the landscape was very breath-taking.

However, setting foot on the island, we were dismayed seeing the shoreline. What would’ve been a sight to see was ruined by the trash lined up at the shore. It’s a shame to see an island so fascinating be soiled by man’s trash. Though the view was somehow imperfect, we managed to make the most of our stay.

Good thing there are a lot of things to do in the island. We rented out a cottage, which was compulsory, and paid environmental fees as well (please see total breakdown of charges below). The locals were very nice. They sold various types of fish on the island which we had for dinner. Throughout this trip, this was the first time that we would eat seafood together. They also offer prepping it for a very reasonable and affordable price.

While waiting we took photos along the sandbar which was just an edge extension of the island and played volleyball after, what with a net readily set up in front of our cottage.

We didn’t get a chance to go hiking though which was also an option. It was a pretty joyous night and the best part of it was staring out in the vast night sky with numerous stars which was rare sight for me growing up in Manila.
Good thing our Pro-photographer Aira knew how to capture the moment with the view. Nothing says great summer vacation than pristine waters, a “five-million” star lodging, and great people to share it with.


Mammamia Restaurant and Lodge – 09984852963

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  1. Hi! Pupunta kami sa June sa Tibiao after namin mangagaling sa Boracay. meron bang multicab or tricycle? May mga bata kasi kaming kasama. Thanks in advance!

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