Cliff diving and Close Encounters | Koding Koding Point, Romblon

It was that time of the year again and this time, #teamharthart celebrated it’s 3rd year anniversary exploring the beautiful provinces of the Visayas! We waited for almost a year for this (we booked our flights last August 2016) and all of us were very excited to experience once again what the Philippines has to offer.

Traveloka has been our best friend in booking hotels and flights because of their many discounts and promos. Most of the time, we book our flights with the same entry and exit point but this time we chose Kalibo as our entry point and Iloilo as our exit.

Our flight was scheduled at around 8PM but with delays and all, we were boarded at around 11PM. We arrived in Kalibo at 12AM, the plan was to go directly to Tabon baybay for our Carabao Island adventure but because it was already late in the evening and with some advice from the locals, we opted to stay at Jetty Port and spend the night there. There were lodgings around the area but by choosing to stay in the port, we were able to save a good amount of money 😊.

We left Jetty port at around 6 a.m. and headed to Tabon Baybay by tricycle. We were greeted by our boatman and instructed us to put our bags in the boat and wait for them but after an 1 hour of waiting we were advised that the coast guard won’t allow us to leave until 9 a.m. I really hoped they informed us ahead of this policy so we could have planned our itinerary better. The reason why we rented a boat in the first place was to save precious time since the passenger boat normally leaves at 9 a.m. Knowing that the passenger boat will be much cheaper compared to renting an entire boat, we decided to take the passenger boat instead.

Since we had a few hours to spare, some of us took a nap in the boat while the others hung out by the shore drinking 3-in-1 coffee. I would drink instant coffee by the beach over Star Bucks any day hahaha!

Fast forward to 9AM, we were on our way to Carabao Island. The boat ride took 1 hour more or less. I love how Carabao island is uncrowded unlike its neighboring island Boracay. Before heading to Koding Koding Point, we had lunch first at a karinderya. A full meal was only around 50 php. Much cheaper than the single serving Adobo (350 php) at a resort just across the road from where we were.

If you plan to go to Koding Koding Point, be sure to pack lots of courage! The habal-habal ride going there is not a leisurely ride! It was scary because most of the roads are still unpaved with lots of ups and downs. About 30 mins after, we reached Koding Koding Point and we were astounded by the view. The rock formation was truly breath-taking and the color of the water was out of this world. Words can’t describe how beautiful this place is. If you are a fan of cliff diving, this is for you!

Swimming is hard as the waves are strong but we found a cave not far from the cliff jumping area wherein the water is enclosed hence the water is calm.

Be sure to triple check the cave before entering though as we encountered a venomous sea snake locally known as walo-walo.

By 3PM we asked the boatman to pick us up and take us to Boracay Island. I must say that the waves in Visayas are scary. They were huge and strong and we were drenched by the time we reached Boracay Island.

We just stayed there to wash up and eat dinner before heading back to Antique. We just squeezed Boracay into our itinerary to see the famous island but we did not plan to stay long. The amount of people there is something I am not a big fan of at the same time we still had many wonderful places to visit.

Stay tuned for the rest of our Visayas Tour featuring the provinces of Antique, Iloilo and Guimaras!


Carabao Island Boatman  – 09392090458

koding koding


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