Review: Jardin De Marina (Bulacan)

Jon and I are getting married this coming December so I have been joining quite a few wedding community groups on Facebook. That’s where I came a across a beautiful balinese inspired private resort. The post was intended to promote the place as a prenup location but since there was still a few days left of summer, I thought I should take advantage of this wonderful find. We rented the whole place and it was worth every penny! 

Quick background, the resort is actually a family rest house but they eventually opened it to public and it became a family business. 
The resort is located inside a village hence you may find it hard to locate it. Parking space is available. Big enough to accommodate 3 cars at most. Jon and I got their earlier than our companions so we took advtange of the alone time and took pictures.

From the paintings to the interiors, you will really feel the balinese vibes. The owner said that many of the things in the resort actually came from Bali. The resort was well designed and it really gave a nice relaxing ambiance.  

The living room is big and it has a view of the pool.  The sound system and the massive television is perfect for enjoying movies or a good game of Just Dance. 

The kitchen is fully equipped hence you can cook meals just like at home. 

There are 5 rooms in total and  mattresses are available upon request. Some room has it’s own toilet which is very convenient, 4 are airconditioned room and 1 fan room. 

The swimming area is the highlight of this place. The pool is 5 feet deep so if you have small children, it’s best that you keep them supervised. I really like the waterfall by the pool. The sound of the trickling water is truly relaxing.  

The pool area has plenty of tables and chairs as well as a garden set and a swing. The karaokoe is also situated in the pool area though you’ll have to rent it separately. 

I would really recommend this place to my friends and family as the place is huge and is situated not very far from the metro. If you fancy a relaxing balinese inspired weekend while on a budget, Jardin de Marina is a beautiful sanctuary you should not miss!

How to get there by private vehicle:
If coming from Balintawak or Mindanao Toll Gate take the Marilao Exit. 

Follow the road and turn right at Villarica Road (direction going to Marilao) and cross the bridge. Turn right at Marilao-Duhat Service Road then turn right and cross another bridge going to Duhat. At the intersection, turn right at H. Capiral St. (At the corner you will see the Duhat Tanod Station). Along Capiral Street, you will be pass by the Duhat Barangay Hall and in about 200 meters, you will see Jardin de Marina on the right side. 

How to get there by commute: 

From Cubao ride a bus going to Tabang (P50). From there ride a jeepney heading to Joners Tricycle Terminal (P20) and asked the driver to drop you off at Jardine De Marina (P15). 

For rates and other inquiries visit them at


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