Review: The Cabin Resort

As the saying goes, try and try until you succeed, that’s my mantra with online contest, may it be free tickets or 1 night hotel accommodation, I am up for that! Then I came across a new resort and they have an online contest and the winner will have a 1 night free accommodation. The mechanics were simple, the participants will have to like and share their facebook and tag 7 other people you want to be with. I was not supposed to join because I am that discouraged because I haven’t won anything yet from all the contests I’ve joined in. Last 30 Dec 2017, I received the coolest yearend gift! I saw one notification in my facebook account and I won the contest! I was with some of The Heliopaths crew and we were jumping for joy! 

From Cubao, we rode a bus heading to Cabanatuan fare is P71, just ask the driver to drop you off at Tarcan. From there just hire a tricycle for P50 and ask the driver to take you to ELCOR compound. Since the The cabin is relatively new, some of the locals might not know of it when you asked them. But just check the photo below and this might come handy when you feel your lost.

Ginno from the Cabin, meet us outside ELCOR compound and led us inside their compound and they even have an events place inside. When we saw The Cabin, we fell in love with the exteriors! It’s like the ones you see in foreign thriller movies! 

The interiors were amazing, from mini ref to the rustic ambiance to the amazing Karaoke, we could not ask for more. It’s the perfect getaway for lazy barkada hangouts, everything was very chill. By the way their sound system is also very cool, if everyone is tried from singing you can just connect your phone to their speaker and voila!

The bedroom area has 1 bed and 2 large mattresses, it was cozy! We enjoyed playing cards there 

The overnight rate also covers for the food and drinks, we already handed them our list of meals for the whole day 2 days before to save time. 

The food is my favorite! Their servings are really big and its worth every penny, the Kalderetang bibe and crispy pata are must try’s! 

They have an in-house restaurant that will prepare your meal, and I must say they are really punctual! The meals were served in the right time as we wished. 

At exactly 7AM our breakfast were served, can you believe all of these platters will just cost you P65?

They also have Kayaking which you can use to tour in their man made lake, which I find very relaxing. 

Guests can also also add swimming to their itinerary, they are using fresh water for the pool.

Visit them at for any inquiries 👍🏻


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