The Heliopaths 2nd Anniversary | Kalanggaman Island

Last year we celebrated The Heliopaths annivesary in Cebu where we swam with whale sharks, basked in the sun, went through a waterfall, breathed our first breath under waterlearned about historylearned about history and faced our fear of heights. This year we headed back to Visayas but this time explore the beauty of Samar, Leyte and Biliran. Lucky for us, we only paid less than PHP 150 for our base fare. Woohoo! Thank goodness for seat sales and most especially for Airasia for making it possible for us “kuripots” to travel and explore our beloved Philippines.


Seat sales were most likely to be followed by numerous delayed flights and yes our supposed 3:40 PM flight was delayed over 4 hours! Imagine the horror of waiting in the airport not knowing if our flights will be cancelled but thanks to my babies, the Transfoamers we were able to wait for our flight in comfort.

We booked a night in Welcome Home Pensione which is just 15 minutes away from the airport. I was quite surprised how neat this place was despite the cheap price. Thumbs up! Early morning we went to the wet market to buy food for all 17 of us! Take note, most of us were guys! Big guys, big stomachs! 😛  Because of our number, we just decided to reserve one big boat to ourselves to lessen the hassle of trying to squeeze our bunch with other groups haha.

I love how the Ecotourism of Palompon makes sure to give a short seminar to all the guests before they even reach the island. They even provided guests garbage bags and asks the guests to separate the biodegradable from the non-biodegradable wastes. The staff also warned us about the hazards of riptides and what to do when you get caught in it’s grip.d

Just a trivia, Kalanggaman island was not named after the humble ant but rather the birds that lived in the island before it was populated by people.

The island is just 20 minutes away from the port and not a torment for those suffering from sea sickness. The island has a sandbar on both ends but the one of them disappears during the high tide.

The middle part of the island is the only place allowed for swimming due to the presence of rip tides near the sand bar. Nonetheless we had fun playing at the beach and  jumping in the water from the dock. The marine life is also very diverse so make sure to bring snorkeling gears. Be careful though as some parts have sea urchins. THH Summer got stung  but fortunately, there was a 24/7 medic and search and rescue team in the island. He attended to him and made sure that the sting was treated properly. Big thanks for taking good care of my friend! 🙂

We did our survivor style team building activities during the evening. This definitely made the team closer and stronger. Big ups to Louie for organizing this and congratulations to the blue team! We ended the night with a big dinner and a drink to celebrate our team’s anniversary.

Kalanggaman Island Video

Kalanggaman Office / Boat Reservation:

09173037269 / 09173037267 / 3382094

Welcome Home Pensione:





  1. hi good am, i just want to ask po kung may contact number kayo nung van and kung may complete itinerary pa po kayo ng kalanggaman and sambawan island trip nyo.thank you and more travels

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