From Midnight til’ Sun Rise | Sambawan Island

We were supposed to visit Tinago Falls before heading to Sambawan Island however, due to the bad weather and for everyone’s safety we decided to just go straight to Sambawan Island. After almost 4 hours of land travel from Palompon, we finally arrived at Naval port.

There were no passenger boat anymore so we had to go ask around and find a boat that will take us to the island. Luckily we found one that’s more than big enough to accommodate our group. It even had a videoke machine/cinema on board to keep us entertained for the long wait and boat ride. It was pretty spacious too so we were able to cook and have dinner on board. After dinner, some us stayed in the boat while others laid on the roof of the boat to stargaze. It was pretty surreal being in the middle of the ocean in complete darkness. The stars were very beautiful and so numerous you’ll definitely feel very small.

We arrived at Sambawan island around 12 a.m. and there were still people merry making in the camp and on the beach. Of course we had our fare bit of socializing as well. We got up around 5 a.m. to head up to the view point and catch the sun rise. The view from above was very mesmerizing. It was definitely worth the climb!


Check out the vlog below!




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