DIY Bottle Cap Mount

The GoPro is one of the best investment my girlfriend and I made since we love travelling to new places especially beaches. Of course when you paid a hefty amount for something, you would want to protect it from getting lost. The thought of losing my GoPro in the deep blue ocean makes me cringe so I decided to make my own GoPro bobber using a soda bottle. The great thing about this mount is that you can take it everywhere because it’s so small! All you have to do is buy a bottled drink and you’re good to go 🙂



  • bottle cap
  • 1/4 ” bolt
  • Faucet washer (optional)
  • Epoxy Steel
  • Tripod mount


  • power drill
  • hacksaw


Here are the steps:

Drill a hole in the bottle cap


Trim the bolt to match the tripod


Place the washer and insert the bolt in the underside of the bottle cap

12986450_10209180440128372_838774065_o (1)

Secure the the bolt with epoxy steel to prevent it from turning when you tighten the tripod mount.


Make sure the epoxy steel hardens first before you screw on the tripod mount.

There you go! You can take this little thing everywhere you go. The question is would your GoPro float?





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