DIY GoPro Headstrap

It’s another lazy weekend so I’ve decided to make the best out of it and be productive. Sometimes out of boredom comes great ideas! I’ve always wanted to buy a GoPro head strap but I find to expensive so I decided to make my own one instead using a broken head lamp and an adhesive mount that came with my GoPro.

Here are the things that you’ll need.



  • headlamp – I found this broken headlamp lying around at home but you can buy one in bangketas/tiangge for about P100 -P150. It comes with a headstrap to that you’ll be using for this project.
  • flat/curve adhesive mount – comes with the GoPro or buy it online.
  • quick release J buckle – again, this comes with the GoPro.


  • Screwdriver


Here are the steps:

  1. Remove the back plate of the headlamp using a screwdriver. It should look something like this once you remove it. If you’re up for it and you have power tools, you can grind down the bits that stick out from the plate. As for me, I rubbed it on a rough flat surface. The floor in our garage to be exact. xD


2. Attach the curve mount on the front side of the plate.IMG_4205


3. Secure the J buckle to the curve mount and install the straps that came with the headlamp. It should look something like this.


There you go! With just 3 easy steps and some broken materials lying around, you can make your own professional looking but cost saving DIY headstrap!



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