Where the Silver Lining Meets the Golden Sand | Jomalig Island 

     It was last February 2015 when we first attempted to visit Jomalig Island but we missed the last scheduled boat in Atimonan, Quezon so instead, we just went to Borawan Island in Padre Burgos. We have been trying to schedule a trip to Jomalig for quite some time but because it’s too far we found it hard to fit it in our schedule. But finally, after more than a year in the making, our Jomalig dream finally came true! 🙂

Jomalig Island is an unspoiled part (and I hope it stays that way) of the Polillo Group of Islands in the west of the Pacific Ocean. However, due to its unique beauty it is becoming more and more popular with tourists and travelers alike. It was even featured in GMA’s iJuander show.
     Since it was the Lenten season, most of the city folks went out of town, some to visit churches, some to go home to their family in the provinces while some took it as an opportunity to unwind. This means that all bus companies will be packed full of people! Fortunately, we were able to secure an L300 van a few weeks before our trip.
     All 16 of us agreed to meet in Cubao to start our journey, Thursday 3am. Travel time to Real, Quezon is around 4-5 hours and taking the Famy, Laguna route was not my favorite! The road was mostly sharp turns which made my tummy go crazy and bam, the rest was history :s. At around 8am, we arrived at Ungos port/wharf were passenger boats headed to Jomalig are located. We expected bigger boats considering it’s a 6 hour boat ride but yeah, who cares? Thanks to our newest babies, the Transfoamers (Visit our Facebook page for the price!), we can just place our mats anywhere possible and just lie on our backs and sleep. The boat ride wasn’t that bad as the sea was very calm. The boat also give a free meal. It’s like a cruise but without all the fancy shizz. Just the way I like it.
      Around 3PM we finally reached Jomalig Island and it was spectacular! The beach was pristine with golden sand and turquoise water. But the amazement was suddenly turned to confusion when we found out that the Environmental Fee was raised from P100 to P170 (plus an additional P50 for the barangay fee). To avoid spoiling our most awaited vacation we just agreed to pay. Still, they could’ve at least provided trash bags for that amount of money.

Luckily, there were only a few people in the island. We first went to Ate Lyra’s store to buy wet goods and other supplies for 3 days 2 nights stay. The beach was line with pine trees, perfect place to set up camp.
     Almost all of us were still tired from the long journey, hence we decided to just call it a night after we had our dinner to recharge for the next day’s adventure.
     We couldn’t find any bigger boats that can hold all 16 of us hence we just agreed to hire 2 small boats and split our group into two. Just after few minutes in the boat, we were alarmed by the fact that there were no life vests present. So there we were, out there in the open ocean and suddenly 3 big waves slammed our boat and filled it with sea water. We were freaking out  since the water inside the boat was knee deep and made our boat slowly sink while more waves came crashing onto our boat. Good thing our boatmen were able to get the water out of the boat. I’ve never been so nervous in my life. I hope (and they should) make presence of life vest in rental boats a strict rule.
     We reached our destination after an 1 ½ hours and in all fairness, the place was beautiful though there was no shade at all so our skin was burnt. Still, it was all worth it. What I like about Jomalig is that it is pristine and unspoilt. THH Jon even caught this massive hermit crab (he released it by the way), a sign that there’s a thriving ecosystem in Jomalig.
     It was late in the afternoon when we arrived in our camp site. Enough time to see the sunset and take photos in the golden hour. The next day, we woke up early to enjoy for one last time the beauty of Jomalig.
     Finally we were able to visit this one of a kind place. Though it was miles and miles away and there were some bad experiences, I still can’t wait to go back.

Check our Jomalig Island Vlog below!!!



  1. Hi.. We are planning to go to jomalig this May. Ask ko lang po kung pede ba mag paluto ng kanin kay ate lyra? How about mineral water? Mwron din pong mabibili sa island? Thanks

  2. I want to go this february 2017 with my daughter and my son to Jomalig..which month u can suggest that thr place is not crowded..

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