Happy Hearts | Nagsasa Cove, Zambales

     We all know February is love month and what better way to share the love than spend it with the people that matters most? It was actually 2 of our good friends who invited us to join them since Valentine’s day is also their 3rd anniversary. Though we’re still tired from our 4 day trip to Palawan, we found it easy to say yes to this trip!
     We decided to go to Nagsasa Cove in Barrio Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales since it is very near the metro yet the scenery that you’ll see there is on par with the best. San Antonio is known for it’s beautiful beaches that that are surrounded by mountains so grand it ill leave you gob smacked.
     It’s actually quite easy to get to San Antonio, just take a bus (Victory Liner) bound to Iba, Zambales. Fare is 250 php. Sometimes, buses bound to Iba can be difficult so another option is to take a bus going to Olongapo. Once there, ride any bus going to Iba. Total travel time is 4-6 hours.
     In San Antonio proper you will the public market, grocery stores, pharmacies etc. I suggest you buy all the things that you will be needing there as everything sold on the beach is at least 200% more expensive. Tricycles going to Barrio Pundaquit can also be found in the town proper. Fare costs 30 php and the ride will take 20-30 minutes. It’s in there you will boats for hire. Now let me warn you, some boatman may charge you 400 php per person while some will agree for 1500 php round trip depending on what has been agreed upon. If you ask nicely, the boatman will lend you cookwares, ice box and water containers. For additional drinking water, you’ll have to pay 50 php for 4 gallons.



     We decided to island hop first before heading to Nagsasa Cove. Our first stop was Camara Island followed by Capones Island. I wasn’t expecting much at first but when we got there my jaws were hanging. What makes the islands beautiful was the majestic mountain range that surrounds you as you swim in the water as clear as glass.



     Soon we headed to Nagsasa Cove where we stayed for the rest of our trip. We chose Sucasa Beach Resort for it’s beautiful spot by the beach, welcoming caretakers and clean toilets ;). I’d definitely recommend this place to anyone going to Nagsasa Cove. Entrance fee is 100 php inclusive of toilet use and pitching fee. If you want to rent a hut that would cost you an additional 200 php which is nothing if you are in a big group. Fortunately for us, we virtually owned the resort as there were no other guests aside from a couple which were quiet as mice.







     We spent the rest of the day swimming in the cool water, exploring the island, watching the sunset and drinking by the bonfire. The life.





Here’s the break down of the expenses:
***Transportation – we did not use public transpo since someone lent us their vehicle. Still, here is the cost of the bus fare and tricycle fare for your reference:
Cubao-Iba – 250 php
tricycle to from San Antonio town proper to Barrio Pundaquit – 30 php per head
Boat Fee – 400 php per head, back and forth ride + island hopping in Capones and Camara
Entrance Fee at Sucasa de Bay Resort- 100 per head, pitching fee included
Cottage Fee – 200 php
Bonfire – 200 php (optional)
Mineral Water – 50 php – 4 gallons
Food – 200 php per head
Note that you will divide the cottage fee and water among your group.
Total Damage per head: 1330
Ate Fe – 0917 667 5374
Sucasa De Bay Resort: 09399254878, 09175147158


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