Symptoms of a Travel Addict

Personal Information:
Name: Louie Lyn Briz
Age: 24
Address: Pasig City, Metro Manila
Gender: Female
Confessions of a Travel Addict
     I graduated university with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology last April 2013. During college, I was exposed to people that are suffering from bipolar disorder down to psychosis and schizophrenia. I know, its weird how a person like me is suffering from my kind of addiction. Believe me, I have tried to escape from this addiction but it is so powerful that it is eating my very inner being. Do not condemn me. You, yourself might be suffering from this addiction too. Let me site to you the symptoms of this contagious disorder.

1. You can not stop your hallucinations of nature.

     It may be in your sleep, you dream of being in the mountains screaming at the top of your lungs. It can even attack you even during your work hours. In just a snap, you might find yourself in a summer wonderland basking in the sun laughing with your friends. You are not safe, it can attack you anywhere and and anytime.


2. You rape the refresh buttons on Airline websites.

     You cannot resist seat sales! It has become your daily routine to check airline websites for promo fares. You cannot resist the urge to buy the 70% off tickets. The PISO FARE! sign excites you more than SALE! SALE! SALE! in clothing stores and gadget shops.cebu

3. You are obsessive – compulsive with your social media accounts.

     Your Facebook and Instagram account is full of your travel photos! Every status is about traveling, every photo is about your recent adventures. You follow every travel accounts in Instagram. You spend hours just double clicking their photos. You join every travel and adventure groups on Facebook, read every posts and add their adventure to your bucket list.


4. You are very contagious.

     It is your goal to carry along your friends in your adventures. You want all your friends to  to see what you’ve seen and experience what you’ve experienced. You have made a number of travel buddies from your grade school, high school and college friends. In the office, everyone wants to tag along in your adventure. You even made good friends in the most remote of places.


5. You become a workaholic freak.

     You spare your overtime pay for your next trip. Working 10 hours a day does not irritate you. You know your hard work will be worth it when you see you pay check. Some people are curious how you can afford your trips and you reply simply with “priority”.  Instead of buying P150 worth of Frappuccino, you save the money for your next trip. You are fancy – intolerant. You hate overly priced products.You work hard hence you make sure that your money goes towards your passion.


6. Everyone knows your dose of medicine.

     Your family and friends know exactly what you like. From hiking clothes and swimsuits to cookware and other camping must haves.  You do not give them a headache in choosing what will make you happy. Anything that relates to travel and adventure will make you jump for joy.


7. You become a hoarder

     You collect all sort of stuff from all the places you’ve been such as post cards, t-shirt, ref magnets, key chains etc. as memento. You just can stop hoarding them!


     Comment your thoughts below and let me know I am not alone. Share this post and maybe your friends are also addicted to travelling. Let us raise awareness of Travel Addiction. You are not alone!


  1. Yep, I’m starting to be one. I always check AirAsia, CebuPac, SkyJet and PAL for sales. I actually followede them all on Facebook, and I always receive notifications whenever they post anything 🙂

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