I “Was” Afraid of Heights | Skywalk and Edge Coaster, Cebu City

This is a post by THH Tin.

     Our jam packed 2nd day at Cebu doesn’t end with getting wet at Kawasan Falls and scuba diving at Moalboal. Almost everyone agreed to go straight at Regency Hotel which boasts the 1st ever Skywalk and Edge Coaster ride here in the country.


     To be honest I wasn’t really that excited, guess why (c’mon read the title)! I’ve been contented with my diving experience at Moalboal and was planning to just get some good sleep at the hotel after a tiring day. Never did I think of going up at the 38th and 40th floor of the building just to break out in a cold sweat. So, shout out to the handsome Mike (kidding♥) who kept on pushing me to at least try it and join the gang. Well, I haven’t heard any news related to Skywalk and Edge Coaster accident, so why not give it a chance? I don’t want to regret it in the end and might miss a big thing if I don’t try it.


     We arrived at the city at around 9pm which was really late. We expected to be in the city at around 6 p.m. but that wasn’t the case so we hurriedly looked for our hotel, took a bath and went straight to the  Regency Hotel without even grabbing a meal! The last meal we had was our lunch. Can you imagine where we got the energy to stand at the edge of the ledge, walk around the building and then ride the edge coaster afterwards (must be the adrenaline rush!)?


     The Skywalk and Edge Coaster costed us P750 each (Check the rates and schedule here). We tried the Edge Coaster first, a 3 minute ride goes around the edge of the building while riders are locked onto a rail seat. The seats has a control lever that can tilt the platform down up to 55 degrees , oh my poor soul! Guess it would be more fun if you’ll try it during the morning to see a clearer view of the place. In my case, I’m thankful we tried it at night, the serene view of the city lights of Cebu lessen my fear of heights.

18792880502_c5a40e1952_o 18792771352_135b9c73c2_o 18611664179_486977b7f2_o

     Soon after, we tried the Skywalk. Walking at small platform around the side of the building one by one with just a meter between you and the person in front and behind you is not exactly a walk in the park. The facilitator will then ask you to strike a pose at the edge of the platform. We then started walking again and were asked for a group photo (lots of walking woo! Must be the name eh? lol). Mind you it’s a group photo of us sitting at the edge! Guys, hand-in-hand we’re all in this together!

18792673832_df660b8af5_o 18771434226_13ee14f08e_o 18800296041_6655ea2161_o 18175092804_45f63ea935_o 18611538509_ca20951986_o 18800275411_000db01108_o 18797670495_c4a1e1f92f_o

     All in all, I must say I really enjoyed the experience despite the heebie-jeebies, fear of heights and jelly limbs. Good thing I agreed (half-heartedly) to try it out. It’s definitely one of the highlights of my Cebu getaway!


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