Rafting It Up! | Kawasan Falls, Cebu

     This a post by THH Louie.

      After our unforgettable SCUBA diving experience, we went back to our place, packed up our things and headed to our next destination, Kawasan Falls. We had a quick lunch first in our favorite carinderia before heading out to Kawasan falls. We then rode a local tricycle to reach the  main highway. It was so big it accommodated all 9 of us :). We paid P30 each.

     Upon reaching the highway, we hailed a bus going to Kawasan but it was packed full of passengers. The team decided to rent 2 tricycles to take us to the jump off of the falls. The journey  took us about 20 minutes or so. There were also habal-habals available but we felt it was safer to ride in a the tricycle because we were all carrying our bags with us.

     At 3PM, we reached the drop off point were local guides were waiting. As we started our hike, the rain started pouring. Fearing that our bags and clothes might get soaked, we stayed at house along the trail. Fortunately, the lovely owner of the house allowed us to leave our bags behind, bless her. We carried on with the hike and reached the falls after 15 minutes.

      Even though it was raining, there were still many tourist however, it did not stop us from appreciating the beauty of Kawasan Falls.


      The guides asked us if we would like to try the bamboo raft so we said yes! And I am glad we did as it was one of the funnest thing I have ever done in my life! The water was so strong it feels like I was being punched hahaha but still, I couldn’t get enough of it. I highly recommend that you do this activity when you visit there!




     After hours of fun, it’s now time to go home. 🙂 Per asking the total amount of our dues, we were shocked! See the break down below:

Entrance fee = 20 per head

Guide Fee: 150 x 2 = 300

Table rental = 300

Bamboo Rafting = 300

Bamboo Rafting guide men = 300 x 3 = 900

     Be extra cautious on agreeing on this types of transactions, we made the mistake of paying one of the raft guides twice. You can probably get it cheaper if you haggle. Be sure to clear things out before agreeing on the price.

     Kawasan Falls is probably the best water fall that I have visited, even though it costed us a pretty penny, we are still glad we were able to experience the beauty and power of it. Next stop, Cebu City!

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  1. Such a very informative blog. I love the pictures too! Last time I visited Cebu I went to Oslob. It was such an unforgettable experience. Me and my friends went there by renting a motorbike at book2wheel.com . They offer several motorbikes and scooters that are in good condition and very affordable. Will most likely rent from them again to visit Kawasan Falls.

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