Motorcycle Diaries | Pangasinan

This is a post by THH Jon.

     I’ve always loved the feeling of cool wind in my hair. It’s not something very easy to find especially if you live in the city. So when my motorcycle club (Suzuki Thunder Riders Of The Philippines aka. TROOP) proposed to go on a road trip during the 2014 Holy Week, I did not have any second thoughts. It was easy for me to say yes because I’ve always wondered how it felt like to travel to distant places on two wheels. I don’t really like being in enclosed spaces when I travel so I quickly grabbed the opportunity.

     The group rendevoused at EDSA Centris. There were more than 25 motorcycles plus back warmers who turned up for the trip. After drinking coffee and a few reminders from the veteran riders, we geared up and started our long journey to Pangasinan. The first leg of the journey was rough. It was the start of the long holidays that’s why there were loads of commuters on the road. Another reason why we were riding slow was because of the unpaved road somewhere in Bulacan. This part of our journey stuck in my memory because it was where I (and Louie) experienced falling off my motorcycle for the first time. Good thing it was just a slip and there were no injuries. We were back on the motorcycle in no time (what did I learn from this experience? Don’t go hard on the brakes especially if there’s sand on the road).

     The road became very smooth and there were less traffic when we reached Pampanga. We had a little stop over though as we had to wait for the other members. Some had a flat tire while others experienced electrical problems. We didn’t mind waiting for them as our legs were starting to get numb at this point.

ricky troop
Sir Ricky with his beloved Thunder.

     As soon as everyone was ready, we continued our long haul ride. The road in the country side and the road side view were overwhelming. Long winding roads, fresh air and beautiful scenery, what more can a rider ask for?

Sir Art’s CB400. *drools*

     After what seemed like endless stretches of open road, we finally reached our first destination; The Shrine Of Our Lady Of Manaoag. The shrine was crowded by tourists and church goers alike. It was expected as it was Holy Week after all. Some of the riders had their motorcycle blessed by the parish priest while others took the opportunity to fill up their tummies.

Shrine Of Our Lady Of Manaoag.

     With our tummies full and bodies rested, we headed off to our main destination for the day; The white beaches of Anda, Pangasinan. The road on the way to the beach was very smooth and there were virtually no traffic, a good place to practice cornering. The road soon became rough as we approach the beach but when we saw what awaited us, we were gobsmacked.

troop Pangasinan
The winding roads going to Anda.
Anda white sand
Clear skies. Perfect day.
Anda beach
Why not coconut?

     The sand was very fine and the water was so clear you would be able to see the sea urchins and the star fish on the sea bed. I like the fact that the water had shallow parts where you can just relax and bask in the sun and deep parts where you can free dive.

anda sagwan
Me Hearty Crew. Argh!
anda balsa
I feel sorry for that bamboo raft! lels 🙂
Anda island
An island that is apparently owned by a famous reporter.

      The next day we began our journey to Surip Beach in Bani, Pangasinan. Contrary to our previous get away at Anda where resorts lined the beach, Surip is more simple and denuded. This was what I like most about it. It was not crowded and vandalized by tourists. The sea shore was covered by rocks and dead corals rather than fine white sand but nonetheless, it was beautiful (perhaps more).

surip cove
One of Surip’s hidden swimming area.
low tide surip
View from the coast.
surip troop
Low tide. Perfect time to explore.

     There are many beautiful rock formations and caves in the area. The water is very clear and is full of peculiar sea creatures. This what I love about the beach. Discovering new creations and seeing the world under the water.

rock formation surip
This place really looks like a pirate’s cove.
coral surip
Look how clear the water is!
surip low tide
Mind your head! Jagged rocks all over the place.
sun set surip
Sunset at Surip Beach.

     Pangasinan is famous because of the Hundred Islands in Alaminos but if you look past that, you will know that it has a lot more to offer and many places yet to be explored.

Pangasinan Photo Gallery►

*Photos by Sharah De Guzman



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