Bittersweet Memories | Burot Beach

This is a post by THH Louie and THH Jon.

     It was in the middle of the rainy season (Oct. 2014) when Jon and I decided to spend our 3-day weekend away from the city. We didn’t really plan for this trip and we were on a tight budget that’s  why we chose to visit Burot Beach in Calatagan, Batangas since it is not too far away from home and (hopefully) fewer people there because it was rainy season. Fortunately, the sky was clear and the sun was shining when we left. The weather was on our side and we couldn’t be happier about it.

     The commute was fairly easy. First, we took a bus going to Calatagan, Batangas.  The bus ride was smooth and it only took us 3 hours to get there. We bought our supplies at the local market in Calatagan. Don’t forget to buy drinking water here as the stores are very far away from the beach. We then hired a tricycle (P150, good for 3-4 persons) to take us to the beach. I like the fact that the trike can take you all the way to the beach unlike most beaches where you have to rent a boat which costs an arm and a leg.

     Luckily for us, the beach was empty and we had the beach all to ourselves (that’s what we thought). After setting up our tents and laying down a mat to avoid sandy bums, we decided to cook our lunch. As always, Jon cooked while I gave him morale support ☺.

Burot Beach at first glance.

     We explored the beach as soon as we finished eating. The sand was fine and the water was clear. Thank God it was a clear day. The sunshine really made the beach look wonderful. There were rocks along the shore and trees a few meters away from the water.  It was a perfect place to take pictures with our cam and tripod combo (we do not own a selfie stick cuz we’re cool like that lels☺).

This spot is the best place to watch the sunset.

     I can say that the place was really clean. The caretakers make sure that there are no litter scattered on the sand. On the other end of the shore were bigger rocks which touches the sea itself. Such a joy to hear the waves and feel the cool breeze on your face. It was so relaxing we could not help but have a siesta under a tree.

Watch your step! The rocks are quite sharp.

We watched the sunset at dusk and enjoyed each others company. What a great way to end the exhilarating day!

Sunset at Burot Beach.

A local boatman offered us to go island hopping for just P600 and we agreed. Personally, I would not recommend it to you guys because we did not see any islands at all! The islands were covered in knee-deep water! The boatman said its due to the high tide (you don’t say?) . I’m not sure why he didn’t tell us at the beginning, right? I thought P1000 was cheap but man we got ripped off.

One of the so-called island. (-___-)
Starfish Island without the island. (-____-)

     As we were preparing for our dinner, there came a group of 20+ teenagers (I’m only 23 by the way!) Their sound system was really REALLY loud! We are one of the few who prefers to go to the beach to RELAX (to chill, not to party) but I know there are also some who likes to party and go wild at the beach but I also believe in Co-Existence and The Give and Take Relationship so we just let them do their thing while we enjoy our dinner and bon fire by the beach.

     At 1AM, they were still very loud. We wanted to sleep already but we can’t, they were screaming on top of their lungs! I thought it was too much already, right? I believe that everyone should respect the other guests of the island.

     At that point, we agreed to just not bother anymore and leave as soon as we can. Our supposed 3 days and 2 night stay was down to an overnight getaway. 😦

     Morning came and a local fisherman was selling his catch and I am glad we gave in (who can’t say no to fresh squids!). We made our very own version of calamares.  There is a store near the beach where you can buy rice if you opt to just like what we did.

Calamares and rice for two.

     It was a holiday that morning so people started to flock the beach. One thing I didn’t like about this place is that  they allow cars to park just a few meters away from the shore! The cars were too near and was definitely an eye sore.

     Our trip to Burot Beach was bitter sweet but hey, It’s not Christmas everyday, right? It is yours to decide however, how you are going to play the hand you are dealt.

Burot Beach Gallery►

Total Damage:

P 180/pax – Aircon bus fare from Manila (Coastal Mall) to Calatagan Public Market

P150 (good for 3-4 people) – Tricycle fare from Calatagan Public Market to Burot Beach

P 65/pax – Admission fee to Burot for a Day Tour (P130/pax for overnight)

P20 – Pitching Fee



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  2. Huh.. ang mahal nman ng island hoping louie.. 120 lng ata binyad nmn nung ngisland hoping kme.. hehe. Just saying.. 🙂 but i must agree the beach is really good. Its just that the CRs are not that well maintained. -_-

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