An Unplanned Getaway | Batlag Falls

   This is a post by THH Louie.

     It was a normal Saturday night chat with the group when Jon suggested to go to Batlag falls the morning after and just like that, Trixia, Roldan and I agreed! We usually plan our getaways months before because some us work on a nightshift and we need to prepare the budget needed. The supposedly normal Sunday became one that’s filled with laughter, amazing wonders of nature and good company.  It’s a shame the other members of #teamharthart weren’t able to make it.

     The group met up at 7/11 near Junction (Cainta). We took a jeepney going to Tanay via Morong and got off at Tanay town proper. We stopped by McDonalds to get something to eat and answer the call of nature.

     Afterwards, we hired a tricycle which costed us P250. Some might not know but Batlag falls is located just above Daranak falls. Tanay is home to such wonderful places including Tinipak River.

Excited to dive in.

     After about 30-40 minutes of commute, we finally reached Daranak falls whose entrance fee is P50. It’s the only way to go to Batlag falls so you’ll really have to pay the fee to get there. You can always stop by Daranak falls first if you fancy it.

Daranak falls
Daranak Falls

     The entrance fee to Batlag falls is P100 which is a small fee if you want to stay away from the crowd. Daranak falls is quite beautiful but it tends to get a little over crowded most especially during weekends. Batlag falls on the other hand is more serene and peaceful probably because many people do not know it exists.

The view from our picnic table.

     The trail is cemented and will only take you 10-15 minutes by foot so even children and the elderly can go there. Cottages and tables are available for a fee. (I think it is P500 for the cottage and P200 for the tables per day) Overnight camping is also possible but with a P200 pitching fee.


     There are 2 swimming areas where the waterfall is. One is around 4-5 feet deep while the other is around 14 feet deep. The shallower one has a larger swimming area and a bigger waterfall while the deeper one is perfect for strong swimmers and thrill seekers.

Supah fly!


     We stayed at the “kiddie pool” most of the time since I am not a good swimmer in deep water and it is also more picturesque. Perfect for photo opportunities.

Batlag falls
I would not mind staying here overnight if the view is always this beautiful.


Who wouldn’t say no to a weekend like this?!

 17165829809_2125cd691a_o 17164485550_feeea4c9cc_o

Batlag harthart 2
You can get a back massage if you lean close enough to the falling water.
Batlag harthart
The deepest part of this pool is only around 5 feet.
THH Trixia, THH Rolds, THH Louie and THH Jon

      We headed back at around 2 in the afternoon and we arrived at our homes before sun down. Our weekend trip to Batlag falls was completely unplanned but it turned out pretty well. Sometimes the best plan is not having any plan at all. ☺



  1. hi, question: for the overnight stay, kailangan ba na may dala kaming tent? O may mga tent na available dun? salamat!

    • HI Lorede,

      Yes po P200 lang. Heads up though, to get to Batlag, you have to pay the entrance fee for Daranak falls (P50) and Batlag falls (P100). Hope this helps!

      -THH Jon

  2. -Magka-connect po ba ang Daranak and Batlag? Kasi nababasa ko sa comments mo po na sa Daranak din ung entrance?

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